• Fuel Cards for Small Businesses

    Esso Card™ offers many benefits to small businesses. You and your business can take advantage of our weekly fixed pricing offers and discounts on fuel meaning a reduction in operating costs and improved cashflow.

    Traditional pay and reclaim methods can result in piles of complicated administration, whereas Esso Card™ ensures all transactions are listed on one simple HMRC-compliant invoice – meaning less time spent on administrative tasks and more time focussed on growing your business.

  • Small business fleet management made easy

    Esso Card™ enables you to control your cash flow as you can see exactly what your business is spending on fuel, where and when. You can assign unique cards to each driver or vehicle which gives you immediate access to information on fuel usage meaning that you will be in a better position to gauge expenditure over time and therefore budget more effectively.

    Our online fleet management tool, Velocity allows at a glance monitoring, invoicing and reporting so you can easily budget and keep track of all Esso Card™ fuel spend.


    With access to one of the UK largest networks of fuel stations (accepted at Esso, Shell and BP). You’re never far from a fill-up, no matter how close to or far from home a driver may be.