If you manage your account using Velocity, you can submit a transaction query by going to, clicking on the Transaction Query button and filling in the form with your information. Please be aware that there is a charge of £10 (14€) per receipt requested.
You can view reports on Velocity by logging in to your account on and clicking on ‘Fuel Cards’, ‘Reports’ and then selecting a type of report you wish to run. A standard report is more generic such as transaction reports, active card lists, or specific card groups. Advanced reports mean you can select certain products to only show in the report.

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You can submit a Transaction Query on Esso Card Online by logging in to, clicking on Contact Us in the top right-hand corner of the page. Then, fill in the online form by adding your email address in the Reply To box, changing the subject in the drop-down list and typing your query into the comments box and click on Send. You can download a report of your transactions as a CSV file by clicking on ‘Fleet Management’ and amend the dates to your preference. You can also search by card number, product, country, supplier or amount spent/litres purchased.

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